The Devil – Mystical Mushrooms Tarot Card Sticker


🍄This Sticker is from the Mystical Mushroom Tarot Card series!🍄

Printed on thick vinyl sticker paper, coated with a waterproof satin laminate, and die cut in my little home studio. Both waterproof and durable!

Approximately 2 in wide by 4 in tall.  (Slightly bigger than a traditional playing card, but smaller than an actual tarot card.)

Vinyl Stickers are printed on thick white vinyl and coated with a 3ML satin laminate to make them waterproof and durable! Perfect for decorating your hydro flask, laptop, or pretty much anything else!

The Devil Card

🔥 This card represents the dark side of human nature – feelings of entrapment, emptiness, and indulgence. Are you giving into your vices? The devil card is a warning to take a step back and focus on self-improvement. Don’t let addictive behaviors, materialism, or selfishness hold you back from reaching your full potential. Embrace the power of the devil card and use it as a catalyst for positive change in your life.

Main Themes include:

🍄 Vices
🍄 Desires
🍄 Temptation
🍄 Indulgence
🍄 Shadow Self

Sticker orders ship for just $1.50 and are sent in via USPS letter mail. Prefer a tracking number? No problem. Just select the ‘Add Tracking’ option at checkout. For more information read the shipping info page.

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