About Sarah

A Little About Me

Thanks so much for checking out my work! I am a mixed media artist, avid sketchbooker, children's book collector, and generally an artsy fartsy type.

I live in a sleepy midwestern college town, south of Chicago, with my fluffy companions, Izzy and Shep. I love making quirky illustrations and turning them into fun collectibles, gifts, and of course STICKERS! Some of my favorite themes to explore are animals, 80's/90's nostalgia, mysticism and the other worldly. I aim to instill my work with imagination and humor and love connecting to others through a shared love of campy, cute, and spooky stuff.

The art in my shop is made using a variety of mediums and techniques. Some of my favorite tools include brush pens, alcohol markers, colored pencils, paint markers, watercolor, acrylic gouache, and my iPad.

For questions or inquiries, email me at hello@bysarahsimpson.com


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Favorite Art Stuff

For your shopping pleasure, I've created a list of my favorite art stuffs! I don't receive any affiliate income at the moment.


Pentel Pocket Brush Pen

Ol reliable! The Pentel Pocket brush sports a nylon brush tip that gives a really great range from thin to really thick juicy lines. This pen takes a little practice to master... but is so fun to draw with! This will always be a favorite of mine. Plus it's refillable. Refillable pens are better for the pocket book and the environment.
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Tombow Fudenosuke

The Tombow is a great felt-tip brush pen. The stiffer tip makes it easier to control. Yet, it's still flexible enough to give you a variety of stroke weights. It's a great choice for those new to using brush pens. I personally like to use this pen in combination with my other brush pens, for smaller detail work.
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Kuretake No. 16

This is a new favorite brush pen! If the Pentel Pocket Brush and the Tombow Fudensuke had a baby... they would probably make the Kuretake No. 16. IMO, it has the control of the Tombow, but with a true brush tip which gives a nice range of brush strokes from thick to thin. Great, high quality brush pen!
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M. Graham Watercolors

These watercolors are amazing quality! Yes, the price is definitely on the high end, but the pigment is beautiful and rich and a little goes a very long way! Also, the paints are made with honey, so they re-wet really easily. So you won't waste any of that gorgeous pigment! I highly recommend this paint for those in the market for an artist grade watercolor paint.
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Uni Posca Paint Markers

Uni Posca pens are so much fun! They are filled with acrylic paint that is really opaque, so you can layer them up. They dry with a matte finish and you can also draw on a lot of different surfaces with them. Though, my favorite way to use them is to add texture or highlights on top of other mediums.
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Illo Sketchbook

This is my absolute favorite sketchbook! I love the size (8x8 in), square shape, and lay-flat pages. It has a sturdy hard cover and thick smooth paper that is especially great for alcohol markers, paint markers, and ink. I've experimented with light applications of watercolor and gouache and it held up well, but keep in mind it's not really meant for wet mediums.
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Say Hello!

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