The Green Witch Sticker Sheet


??The Green Witch is a healer. She embraces the power of nature and she draws energy from the Universe. She uses her intuitive connection to nature for guidance and she respects every living being no matter how large or how small. ??⁠

This sticker sheet is all about tapping into your inner green witch for those healing witchy vibes.

One 4×6 sticker sheet printed on high quality matte photo paper. Perfect for using in your journal or bujo. This sheet includes 13 unique sticker designs:
. Skull with Caterpillar
. Tarot Cards
. Crystal Ball
. Prancing Cat
. Skull with Crow
. Witches Hat
. Teal Wisdom Flower
. Pink Butterfly
. Teal Butterfly
. Cat Face with Flower Crown
. Potted Wisdom Flower
. Trio of Widsom Flowers
. Green Witch

I have a limited supply of sticker sheets available with a green background. Stickers are the same, just the background color is green instead of white. (See photo.)

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